Taste the Difference

Welcome to Andy Kromer Farms - Your Trusted 5th Generation Beef Farm with an 80-Year Legacy!

Our longstanding heritage and unwavering commitment to traditional business values set us apart. Immerse yourself in a journey spanning decades, as we uphold the timeless principles of quality and ethical practices. Our cattle thrive in an environment that mirrors the unhurried methods of yesteryears, echoing the farming techniques of the 1940s cherished by our Grandpa. Delighting in a dedication to purity, we shun fillers like soybean meal and silage, staying true to our heritage and your health. Join us at Andy Kromer Farms for an authentic, slow-raised beef experience that harks back to the very essence of farming.

What Our Customers Say!

"Indulging in pasture-raised beef from Andy Kromer Farms was a culinary revelation. The rich flavors and tender texture spoke volumes about their commitment to quality. Knowing that the cattle enjoyed a natural and wholesome life adds an extra layer of satisfaction to every bite. Experience the difference of pasture-raised beef – it's a taste of authenticity in every mouthful."

  • Guaranteed

    Knowing your local rancher, leads to accountability. We believe in honesty, integrity and building a lasting relationship with our customers.

  • Sustainability

    With your bulk beef deposit, you allow us to plan our herd and grazing practices. This ensures your cow leaves the soil better than they found it, and reduces excess waste industrial farms produce.

  • Cost Savings

    When you buy from us in bulk you get the best prices on the highest quality All-Natural Beef shipped right to your doorstep. Cut down on that heavy grocery bill and start your own freezer section.